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Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Mindset, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Coaching

Hypnotherapy & RTT

If you want to overcome unwanted behaviours or habits such as smoking cessation, weight loss, and phobias, Hypnosis is a powerful tool to  By accessing the subconscious mind, suggestions for positive changes can be reinforced, making it easier for individuals to adopt new behaviors

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that utilizes hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and create positive changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. The client is guided into a relaxed state (often referred to as a trance) and becomes highly focused and receptive to suggestions that can help them address various issues and achieve specific goals.

During a hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist may use verbal cues, imagery, and storytelling to induce relaxation and access the subconscious mind. The individual remains in control throughout the process and can choose to accept or reject any suggestions made by the therapist.

Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for a wide range of issues, including:

Smoking Cessation: Hypnotherapy can help individuals quit smoking by addressing the subconscious motivations and habits associated with the addiction.

Weight Management: It can be used to promote healthy eating habits, control cravings, and support weight loss goals.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Hypnotherapy can teach relaxation techniques and coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety more effectively.

Phobias and Fears: It can assist in overcoming specific phobias and fears by reprogramming the mind's response to triggering stimuli.

Pain Management: Hypnotherapy can be used as a complementary approach to manage chronic pain and discomfort.

Improving Sleep: It can address insomnia and promote better sleep patterns through relaxation and mental reconditioning.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: Hypnotherapy can instill positive beliefs and self-confidence in individuals.

Trauma Resolution: It can help individuals process and heal from past traumatic experiences.

Performance Enhancement: Hypnotherapy can improve focus, motivation, and performance in sports, work, and creative pursuits.

Breaking Habits: It can be used to address unwanted habits like nail-biting, sugar snacking or picking skin.

Hypnotherapy is generally considered safe when performed by trained professionals, and it is essential to work with a certified hypnotherapist for best results. It is important to note that hypnotherapy is not a form of mind control, and individuals cannot be made to do anything against their will while in hypnosis.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy can vary from person to person, and multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the desired outcomes. It is essential to have an open mind and a willingness to participate actively in the process to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy fully.

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Gyrotonics, Pilates, Yoga, Yin

Yoga/ Pilates/ Gyrotonic

Picture yourself moving with the grace of a dancer, the strength of an athlete, and the serenity of a yogi – that's the transformative power of Gyrotonics. This unique exercise system offers a plethora of benefits that make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a holistic approach to physical fitness and overall well-being.

Full-Body Integration: Gyrotonics focuses on flowing, three-dimensional movements that engage your entire body. By targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously, it helps improve coordination, flexibility, and posture, leading to a more balanced physique.

Gentle on Joints: Unlike high-impact workouts, Gyrotonics is gentle on your joints, making it an ideal option for individuals of all fitness levels, including those recovering from injuries or dealing with joint pain.

Increased Flexibility: The Gyrotonic system incorporates stretching and elongation exercises, which can lead to improved flexibility and range of motion. Enhanced flexibility not only enhances athletic performance but also reduces the risk of injury.

Core Strength and Stability: Gyrotonics emphasizes core engagement in all movements, resulting in a stronger and more stable core. This core strength is vital for supporting the spine, improving balance, and preventing back pain.

Stress Relief: The fluid and rhythmic nature of Gyrotonics, combined with focused breathing techniques, promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. It offers a mindful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Mind-Body Connection: Practicing Gyrotonics fosters a deep mind-body connection, helping you become more aware of your body's movements and sensations. This heightened awareness can lead to improved body control and mindfulness.

Tailored for Everyone: Gyrotonics is customizable to individual needs, making it suitable for a diverse audience, from athletes looking to enhance performance to seniors seeking gentle yet effective exercise.

Posture Correction: The system's emphasis on spinal alignment and elongation can lead to improved posture, reducing strain on the spine and promoting overall spinal health.

Complements Other Activities: Whether you're a dancer, athlete, yogi, or enjoy other forms of exercise, Gyrotonics can complement your existing fitness routine by enhancing your overall body awareness and functional movement.

Longevity and Anti-Aging: The gentle and nurturing aspects of Gyrotonics can contribute to a sense of youthful vitality and overall well-being. It's a practice that promotes longevity and keeps you feeling and moving younger.

In summary, Gyrotonics offers a holistic and transformative exercise experience that goes beyond physical fitness. It nurtures the mind-body connection, improves flexibility, enhances core strength, and promotes a sense of peace and balance. Whether you're a stressed-out mother, someone going through menopause, or anyone looking to elevate their fitness journey, Gyrotonics opens the door to a world of self-discovery and wellness.

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 How I can help you 

Working with clients on a one-on-one basis, offers priceless benefits that contribute to a highly effective, often transformative experience.

Whether it's for personal growth, skill development, emotional support, or goal achievement, the personalised attention and guidance provided in this setting can lead to more meaningful and lasting results.

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Venessa Nickless, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Gyrotonics, Pilates Instructor

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