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Hi, I'm Venessa

Work with me to upgrade your mindset for success.

Rapid Transformational Therapist Venessa Nickless

Harness the power of your mind and that journey toward success becomes, not just possible, but achievable.

Work with me

Here's how I can help:

Services for Mind and Body

MIND|RTT & Hypnosis                                    BODY|Gyro, Yoga & Pilates

Wether you're looking to work on your MIND; overcome those stubborn bad habits, eliminate anxiety, curb an addiction and build self-esteem. Or maybe you're looking to start with your BODY; eliminate the sore back, stiff joints and bring more energy into your life. The quickest way to get going is to fill out the form below.

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You may have never heard of me, you're a little low on cash, or (like me) you just love a freebie! These resources will start you off on the right foot to make the changes you're looking for. 

About Venessa Nickless and how she can help


I'm fascinated by the mind-body connection and how, our thoughts can either serve us well, or destroy us. I love to enable my clients learn to use their mind for their success however they may be struggling, as I know from experience that this works.

I'll work with you individually, using a selection of powerful mind-body tools and strategies to reduce stress & anxiety, build resilience & self-esteem and enable you you to feel a shift right from your first session.

So. . . if you're struggling with any of these issues 

  • Stress, Anxiety or feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed

  • Procrastination or Self-Sabotage

  • Addictions, Bad Habits or Fears

  • Hypnosis & Gyro

    “My sessions with Venessa were so motivating I achieved my goal after a year of procrastination!"



    “I am so glad I stumbled across Venessa... She has helped me overcome feelings of social anxiety & helped me work on old money blocks. I highly recommend Venessa for both in person & over zoom sessions. Both have worked really well for me!

    Hey Sunshine Podcast


    Hey Sunshine Podcast

    “...as someone who was previously a little skeptical that this type of thing would work for me, I can honestly say it’s been nothing short of transformative. Venessa is so kind, non judgmental and so incredibly knowledgeable at the techniques she uses, and it’s been incredibly helpful with finding out the root causes of some horrible anxiety attacks I had previously been having. Highly recommend!!



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